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Window Film to Keep Cold Out: Your Winter Insulation Solution

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As we get deeper into the winter season and the temperature drops further and further, the last thing you want is drafts of cold air seeping into your home. Old or inefficient windows can cause the chilly winter air to permeate your home and heating bills to skyrocket. Luckily, you can use window film to keep the cold out and retain warmth, even on the coldest of nights. Window film works in several ways to keep the cool outside air where it belongs — outside. 

Why Use Window Film to Keep Your Home Warm? 

Along with staying warm and cozy, there are several reasons to consider using window film to keep the cold out. Here’s why you should think about installing window film in your home this winter: 

  • Reflects & Disperses Heat 
  • Provides Extra Insulation
  • Year-Round Energy Savings
  • Retains Natural Light

Reflects & Disperses Heat 

3M Thinsulate Insulating Window Film works to retain warmth by reflecting solar heat back into the room. By dispersing the heat throughout the room, window film helps minimize cool spots and maintain a consistent and comfortable interior temperature. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting chilly sitting near a window or feeling a rush of unwanted cold air drift through the house. 

Provides Extra Insulation

Window film strengthens the insulating properties of windows to keep the cold winter air outside. By applying window film, you’re practically turning a single-pane window into a double pane, and a double-pane window into a triple pane. This improved insulation ensures your home stays warm during the winter. Along with assisting with heat retention, it also helps with cooling in the summertime. 

Energy Efficiency All Year Round

By allowing for both better heating and cooling, window film doesn’t just keep the cold out. It leads to year-round energy savings. With reduced utility bills, you can get a little extra money back in your pocket. So even though there’s an initial investment associated with window film, it has a quick return. Many people often see positive returns on investment in as little as three years due to cost savings. 

Enjoy Natural Light Without the Winter Chill

Winter can be dreary at times — even more so if you have to eliminate natural light with window treatments to help keep out the cold. With window film, you can improve insulation while retaining natural light. Don’t sacrifice one for the other when you can still allow a healthy portion of sunlight to fill the room while enjoying a nice, warm home.

Contact the window tinting experts at General Solar to keep out the cold this winter. Window film installation is a gift to yourself that will keep on giving year-round. So start enjoying the benefits of window film today!

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