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Fall in Love with Your Home’s Bright Spaces Again with Window Film for Skylights and Sunrooms

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If your home has skylights or a sunroom, you’ve probably noticed some downsides to these popular home features, such as excess heat and sun. Window film for skylights and sunrooms can solve these issues, so you can fall in love with your home’s bright spaces all over again.

A sunroom can be the most lived-in room in a house because it’s so bright and inviting. Natural light drenches the space, and the windows connect us to the great outdoors by providing us with plentiful views of the natural spaces that surround our home. 

One downside of sunrooms is that they are notoriously hard to keep cool. All that hot sun producing the natural light that we love also causes the room, and even the rest of your house, to be hot and expensive to cool in the warmer months of the year.

Skylights are a popular feature in homes for the same reason as sunrooms. They flood your space with natural light and brighten your home’s interior. But again, the extra light that you receive from skylights is accompanied by heat. Additionally, they provide an entry point for harmful UV rays that can damage skin and fade home furnishings. 

How Can Window Film Make a Difference?

The good news is that the right kind of window film, when professionally installed, can address both of the problems that we’ve described: the excess heat and the harmful UV rays that sunrooms and skylights let into your home. 

3M™ Sun Control Window Films Prestige Series is a perfect window film to use on skylights and in sunrooms. Comprised of multiple fine layers, it reduces the heat caused by sunrooms and skylights by rejecting up to 97% of heat-generating infrared light so that you can enjoy energy savings and enhanced home comfort. In addition, it helps to protect skin and home interiors by significantly blocking the amount of harmful UV rays that filter through your skylights and sunroom windows. These rays can increase the risk of skin cancer and damage items like carpets and furniture.

An added bonus of Sun Control Window Films is that they reduce troublesome glare, making it easier to do activities like watch TV or check your smartphone while sitting in your sunroom or under your skylights. And because this film is non-metalized, it doesn’t interfere with your mobile device signals.

You get all these benefits from window film while still maintaining your view of the outdoors. Because of the low interior and exterior reflexivity of Sun Control Window Film by 3M, you can continue to enjoy your window views from the inside, without all the glare, while at the same time enhancing the look of your windows on the outside of your home.

Want to Learn More About Window Film for Skylights and Sunrooms?

If you’re interested in learning more about window film for skylights and sunrooms, General Solar would love to speak with you. And remember, when installed by professionals like us, 3M offers a comprehensive warranty on the film.

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