Discover the Benefits of Window Tinting

Why Window Film?

Window films provide a number of benefits to homeowners and commercial property owners. Whether you need to improve energy efficiency, enhance privacy, protect interiors from UV damage, or increase security, General Solar Company has the ideal window film solution. Keep scrolling to learn more about how window films can address your specific needs and transform your property.

Reduce Fading

3M™ Window Films tackle the three major causes of fading: solar heat, UV rays, and visible light.

Our films reduce the effects of solar heat and visible light on furnishings and block up to 99% of the sun's UV rays - the single largest cause of fading. Depending on the film you select, you can enjoy up to 79% reduction in solar heat.

While no film can stop fading completely, our films dramatically slow the progress of fading to keep your possessions looking beautiful longer.

Curtain shown only reducing a small amount of the suns harmful UV rays, General Solar Window Films can eliminate these effects dramatically.

Glare shown on a window which will dramatically reduce with the installation of General Solar Window Film

Reduce Glare

3M™ Window Films reduce discomfort & strain on eyes from sunlight.

Window films can reduce glares in residential homes and commercial businesses. With window film you can enjoy every room in your home no matter what position the sun is in. Enjoy natural light while watching TV, on your computer or reading without the disruptive glare normally caused by the sun.

Glare reduction in business keeps employees more comfortable and productive and for retail stores and restaurants it end the problem of customers being blinded by sunlight coming in your business windows.

Reduce Heat

3M™ Window Films eliminates excessive heat in homes & businesses.

Professionally installed window film can reduce excessive heat in residential homes & commercial businesses while still allowing natural sunlight to shine in. Curtains & blinds can block some heat but then also block the natural light. Window films provide superior temperature control by rejecting the sun's heat while still letting in natural sunlight. This increases the comfort of your home or business, maintaining views of the outside and enhancing your overall environment.

Heat is shown reduced in a room using General Solar Window Film

Room is displayed with increased privacy with Safety and Security Window Film installed

Increase Privacy

3M™ Window Films increase privacy, safety & security.

Safety & Security window films can provide any level of tinting & privacy for glass windows and doors of residential homes and commercial businesses. Additionally from crimes to accidents these window films work invisibly to help keep you safe. Windows will be harder to break if hit by balls or rocks, glass fragments will be held together to reduce potential injuries from broken or flying glass.

These window films give you a piece of mind while at home or work and assist with discouraging robbers & buglers as well as guarding against flying debris from high winds and dangerous storms.

Increase Property Value

3M™ Window Films increase the value of your biggest investment.

Residential window films are an enhancement that can signifcantly increase the value of your home. Windows are a key feature in your home, but you may be covering them up with blinds and curtains to cut down on glare and hot spots. One of the major window tint benefits is that it allows homeowners to enjoy the windows they fell in love with by improving comfort, providing energy savings, and protecting floors and furniture from fading. Additionally, window film reduces glare, enhances privacy, and offers UV protection, ensuring your interiors remain vibrant and undamaged. Because of these key benefits, window film can be a major selling point when it comes to resale, making your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Room shown with property value increased with Window Film fro General Solar cutting down glare and hot spots

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Window Film?

With nearly fifty years of experience in the window film industry, we have built a reputation for professionalism, integrity and exceptional personal service. If you are looking for window tinting, decorative window film or security window film make sure to call or email us today for a Free Quote. We professionally install window film on commercial or residential glass windows and doors throughout Montgomery County Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.

Why Window Film? General Solar Company

Why Window Film? General Solar Company

Why Window Film? General Solar Company

Why Window Film? General Solar Company

Why Window Film? General Solar Company
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Installing window film will protect your #1 investment, lower your energy consumption, increase your comfort, provide added security and increase the value of your home or building…

Why wait? General Solar Company is the right choice!