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Why Choose 3M Window Film?

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It’s no secret that window film has many benefits, but why choose 3M window film? The truth is that not all window film is created equally. Not every manufacturer puts the research hours and innovation into its products as 3M, nor do they stand behind their window film the way 3M backs its products.

3M’s American Roots

In 1902, 3M began as a small-scale mining venture called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Now, more than 115 years of innovation later, 3M has corporate operations in 70 countries and more than 60,000 products for homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and other industries. It has manufacturing plants in many states throughout the U.S. as well as abroad.

3M Holds the 1st U.S. Patent for Window Film

In 1966, 3M was issued the first U.S. patent for window film and has been building on its knowledge and focusing on innovating window film solutions for commercial and residential use ever since.

Today, the company is the only window film manufacturer that makes its own window film materials. 3M manufactures its own polyester and the nano-technology microlayer found in many of its window films. Likewise, its expertise in adhesives has enabled the company to create extremely durable, fast-drying adhesives that allow the film to adhere securely and stand the test of time.

A Leader in Quality

Today, 3M is recognized globally as a leader in adhesive and film technologies. Its window film brand has even achieved the highest quality rating in manufacturing: the ISO 9002 Certification.

The company doesn’t trust the installation of its products to just anyone either. It has built a large core network of authorized dealers across the country that are extensively trained on installing window film. When installed by an authorized dealer in this network, a lengthy warranty backs the application process and materials.

3 Main Benefits of 3M Window Film

Here’s a run-down of three of the main benefits you’ll receive from window film when you choose the 3M brand:

Better Energy Efficiency:

  • Reflects the sun’s heat when it’s hot outside and insulates to hold heat inside in the winter
  • Reduces hot and cold spots around windows
  • Helps to control utility bills

UV Protection:

  • Protects skin from UV damage
  • Prolongs the life of interior furnishings by reducing fading and sun damage

Enhanced Safety & Security:

  • Makes it more difficult for intruders and vandals to break windows or gain entry
  • Holds shards of glass in place to prevent injuries when windows break due to crime, natural disasters, or explosions

Additional benefits range from adding privacy to improving the performance of weathered or outdated windows.

Learn More About Why 3M Window Film Is a Cut Above the Rest

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