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3 Affordable Ways to Highlight Your Brand

In Commercial Window Film by David Brown

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Did you know it’s easy and affordable to highlight your brand with custom film and graphics? Branding is important regardless of the size of your business or your marketing budget. Consumers in 2021 don’t just want products and services; they want to like the businesses they’re buying products and services from, and they especially like supporting businesses that align with their values. But before potential consumers can like your business, they need to know more about your business. That’s where branding comes in.

Branding can do everything from entice passersby to inform patrons about all the great aspects of your business. Whether you have an office, retail space, hotel, restaurant or something else, branding is equally necessary.

3 Ways to Highlight Your Brand with Custom Film and Graphics

For inspiration on how to creatively boost your brand with durable, semi-permanent vinyl film, here are three ways to highlight your brand with custom film and graphics.


Branding on storefronts and exterior windows and doors of commercial buildings is important to help visitors and customers find your business. This signage can also direct people to entranceways, exits, and different areas once they’re inside. Any glass or smooth surface is real estate for branding and wayfinding signage. These include glass doors, glass storefronts, windows, partitions, and smooth areas on building facades. Think about the mall and the interesting ways retailers use signage to attract you to come inside and to direct you where to go once you enter. We can customize and professionally design this kind of signage for your business if you want similar results. Also, every time someone passes by, even if they don’t enter, they’ll remember your business name and where you are. Then, when they need your products or services, you’ll be top of mind.

Sales & Promotions

Use custom graphics on exterior windows, doors, and storefronts to promote sales and special deals. This type of branding or advertising can very effectively catch the eye of those walking or driving past your business. Advertise everything from new products coming on the market to special monthly discounts on products and services that are already popular. Remember, one of the top advantages of custom graphics is that they can be swapped out as often as needed to help you meet your business goals. They’re customizable to any shape, wording, or design that you have in mind.

Wall Art

To promote your brand to those inside your building, make a brand statement on any flat surface with custom film. Popular applications include partitions, meeting rooms, doors, and even elevator doors. Design options are virtually limitless. Add your company slogan or mission statement to one area or cover an entire glass wall with an ombre film using your brand’s color palette. Just imagine the impression you’ll make on your clients with a silhouette of a beautiful cityscape or modern, eye-catching geometric pattern. We can laser-cut your logo, messaging, or a unique custom design into the film. Once the design is finalized, we’ll bring it to life in your office or retail space with professional installation.

There are many ways to highlight your brand on the interior and exterior of your business. By incorporating branded elements into your directional signage, building facade, and interior decor, you’ll create a positive and lasting impression on your clientele. Allow the film and graphics experts at General Solar to help you actualize your branding vision!

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