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How Energy Efficient Window Film Saves Money

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Are you looking for ways to save energy and cut costs? Windows are the biggest source of energy loss in a building, meaning money is literally flying out the window. Even newer windows aren’t always the most efficient. But whether you have older or newer windows, they are expensive to replace. Energy-efficient window film is a more affordable alternative that will help you save money and be less wasteful. 

Saves Energy for Lower Utility Bills 

Did you know around 30% of a building’s cooling costs are due to solar heat gain coming in through the windows?  Window film improves energy efficiency to lower both heating and cooling bills. The film reflects a significant portion of the sun’s infrared rays to help maintain a consistent temperature. Certain films can even reduce heat gain during the summer by almost 80%. Along with preventing heat build-up, window film’s insulating characteristics keep buildings warmer in cooler months.

By helping buildings maintain a comfortable temperature in every season, window film saves both energy and money by lowering utility bills. 

Protects Against Damaging UV Rays 

While glass blocks some ultraviolet rays, it doesn’t provide comprehensive protection.  Without protection, prolonged exposure to UV rays causes fading and can damage furniture, artwork, rugs, flooring, and other valuables. Window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays, protecting your belongings so that you don’t have to spend more money replacing or refinishing them in the future. Not to mention, UV rays are one of the leading causes of skin damage and even cancer. Window film can prevent future health issues and potentially costly medical bills. 

Less Costly Than Other Alternatives 

Buildings with really old windows don’t tend to be very efficient. If you have older windows, you may have already considered replacing them. While replacing them is a viable option that will help you save energy, it can often be incredibly expensive. You may save money on utility bills, but it will take a long time for your investment to see a return. Window film is a much more cost-effective option that has a quicker payback period. 

Minimal Downtime, No Lengthy Renovations 

One of the best things about window film is that the installation requires little-to-now downtime. While you would typically have to close up shop for replacing windows or glass, installing vinyl doesn’t take nearly as long. Less time spent on installation means you don’t have to miss out on any business that you may have otherwise lost with the shop being closed.  

Energy Efficient Window Film Pays for Itself 

The Department of Energy recognizes window film as one of the top energy-saving products with a fast payback of around three years. Once you regain the original investment back, all those energy savings will go straight into your pocket. 

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