Vinyl Siding Protective Window Film

Understanding Siding Damage from Sunlight Reflection

Have you ever wondered what causes siding to warp or melt? It's a phenomenon that often takes homeowners by surprise. When sunlight interacts with energy-efficient Low-E windows, it can create a concentrated reflection that has the potential to damage your house siding. This reflective effect can generate significant heat, enough to cause harm to artificial turf, vinyl siding, and even patio furniture. Unfortunately, this issue is more prevalent than you might think.

Low-E windows are known for their energy efficiency, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. However, they can inadvertently create problems when they reflect sunlight onto your home's siding or artificial turf, resulting in melting and warping. Interestingly, this challenge extends beyond residential settings, affecting various surfaces like car moldings and plastic materials.

It's important to be aware of this phenomenon and take appropriate measures to protect your property from the potential consequences of concentrated sunlight reflections.


Vinyl Siding Protective Window Film General Solar Company

How Vinyl Siding Protective Window Film Works Works

The SX-1975 Reflect Protect Window Film, a product by SOLYX®, serves as a protective shield for artificial turf and vinyl siding by mitigating the sun's intense reflection off windows, which can lead to melting. In addition to its protective features, it also filters out 99% of harmful UV rays, providing an added layer of safety for interiors. Despite its protective nature, the Reflect Protect film does not compromise on visibility from the inside. allowing clear views from within. Designed to resemble a screen post-application, this film is applied to the exterior surface of windows using an adhesive mechanism.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding Protective Window Film

  • Mitigate sunlight reflection to safeguard siding and turf from melting
  • Shield against harmful UV rays
  • Enhance interior clarity and visibility
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