UV Protection Window Film

Preserve Your Belongings

The UV rays that penetrate your glass windows cause irreversible damage to the interior of your home, diminishing its aesthetic appeal and reducing the lifespan of your furnishings. All you have to do is reposition your rug, and you'll instantly see the results of fading on your hardwood floors. UV rays trigger a chemical reaction in the pigments of floors, upholstery, paintings, and other materials, leading to premature aging. Replacing your drapes or refinishing your floors every few years becomes not just a hassle but also very expensive. Instead, invest in UV protection film. This innovative solution filters out 99% of damaging UV rays while still allowing beautiful natural light to illuminate your space. Installing UV protection film is a smart financial move, saving you money down the road because you won't have to refinish your floors or replace your upholstery and artwork every few years due to fading.

uv protection film

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Protect Your Skin

The benefits of UV protection film extend beyond your home's interior. UV rays not only wreak havoc on floors, drapes, fabrics, and precious family heirlooms, but they also pose a serious risk to your skin. You may assume that your skin is not at risk for damage as long as you are inside. However, this is a misconception. UV protection film is also an investment in your health, offering an extra layer of defense against harmful rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation specifically endorses 3M window film as a skin cancer prevention product, granting it their seal of recommendation.

UV Protection Window Film Products

We offer several window film products with built-in UV protection. Reach out to us for a complimentary estimate, and one of our window tinting consultants will help you find the film that best fits your needs.


3M™ Sun Control Window Films


3M™ Safety & Security Window Film Solar Safety Series


3M™ Sun Control Window Film Ceramic Series


3M™ Prestige Series

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