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UV Blocking Window Film: Protection Beyond SPF

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Most of us know the importance of applying sunscreen before going out in the sun. Sunscreen protects against harmful ultraviolet radiation, one of the leading causes of skin cancer. So, it’s only natural to think that once we go inside away from the sun, we’re safe and out of harm’s way. However, that’s not the case. Although glass does protect against some ultraviolet rays, it still allows UV-A light to pass through — even in the winter. Luckily, there’s a way you can easily defend against the sun’s dangerous rays: UV blocking window film! 

Why Install UV Blocking Window Film?

While the primary purpose of UV blocking window film is protection against ultraviolet rays, there are many other benefits:  

  • Blocks UV Rays & Reflects Solar Heat
  • Protects Against Skin Cancer 
  • Fights Sources of Fading

Blocks UV Rays & Reflects Solar Heat

With 3M™ Window Films, it’s possible to block up to 99% of all damaging UV rays. Not only does window film offer far more protection than untreated windows, but it also reflects up to 78% of solar heat along with filtering visible light. Furthermore, using window film instead of window treatments to block UV rays and solar heat maintains outdoor views and your windows’ appearance. 

Protects Against Skin Cancer

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film for cars, homes, and commercial buildings because of its ability to block UV rays. With UV rays contributing to around 90% of all skin cancers and making up 80% of visible aging signs, protection against UV rays might be more important than you realize. With superior UV protection, window films help prevent skin cancer by stopping the cause at the source. 

Fights Sources of Fading 

While UV radiation is one of the major causes of fading, it’s not the only one. Solar heat and visible light are responsible for over 50% of fading. UV rays account for 40%, and other causes make up the last 10%. UV blocking window film doesn’t just block UV rays to help prevent fading, but it also reflects solar heat and visible light. So while fading can’t be altogether prevented, window film significantly reduces the effects to keep your furniture, flooring, artwork, and other valuables looking like new for longer.

Full Home Protection with UV Blocking Window Film 

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of complete home protection with UV blocking window film, reach out to one of our window film experts today! Maintain your home’s natural light and outdoor views while protecting against damaging UV radiation and improving occupant comfort.

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