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Tempered Glass vs. Safety & Security Film

In Safety & Security by David Brown

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Windows are important features in home and building designs. They connect occupants inside to the natural world outdoors and provide beneficial natural light to indoor spaces. Unfortunately, windows also have a downside. They are vulnerable points that make buildings more susceptible to crime or damage from natural occurrences like storms. Consequently, many people look for ways to strengthen their windows against threats. Two options include tempered glass and 3M Safety & Security Window Film.

Pros & Cons of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that’s often chosen for windows, doors, and other glass surfaces to enhance security and safety. Tempering refers to the heat treatment the glass undergoes as it’s cooling. Some tempered glass is strengthened by chemical treatment instead of heat. Regardless of the way it’s made, the material is typically about four times stronger than regular window glass and withstands greater compression.

Tempered glass also shatters differently than regular glass if it does break to minimize harm, fragmenting into small granular chunks rather than long shards of glass. That’s why it’s used in applications where breakage could be catastrophic. For example, common applications include car windows, fish aquariums, and even mobile phone screen protectors. In buildings, popular uses for tempered glass include shower doors, tables, windows, and patio doors.

While tempered glass is harder to break and is less likely to break into shards, it does have some cons. Firstly, when tempered glass breaks, there’s nothing to hold that the fragments in place to prevent them from spraying indoors. Secondly, when tempered glass breaks, the entire pane usually shatters, leaving window or door openings completely uncovered and unprotected. Thirdly, the material costs more to purchase and replace than regular glass.

3M Safety & Security Film Is a Superior Solution

Like tempered glass, windows installed with 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film offer enhanced strength against impact from intruders or natural disasters. But unlike tempered glass, if broken, the window film holds glass intact. This improves security by forming a protective barrier, making it harder for intruders to enter through broken windows or doors after the glass is broken. The film strongly adheres to the window pane with 3M’s proprietary adhesive, so the shards of glass typically won’t spray inside when the glass breaks. This improves the safety of occupants by reducing the chance of injuries from flying shards of jagged broken glass.

As a result, professionally installed 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film provides a superior solution to tempered glass. It’s also an affordable option that works on your existing windows while enhancing their performance. For instance, in addition to safety and security, window film can greatly improve energy efficiency, eliminate hot and cold spots around windows and doors, enhance privacy, reduce harmful UV rays that cause fading and skin damage, and minimize annoying glare.

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