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Security Window Film: An Effective Alternative to Tempered Glass 

In Commercial Window Film, Safety & Security by David Brown

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Security window film is quickly becoming the go-to tempered glass alternative for businesses and homeowners across the country. Not only does security window film provide an affordable and effective way to upgrade your building’s security, but it can also be installed in a fraction of the time that tempered glass would take, minimizing disruption to your workplace or home. 

What is tempered glass & why might you need it?

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is used in a variety of applications, such as car windshields and smartphone screens. It is created by heating regular glass to its melting point and then cooling it rapidly with jets of air. This process causes the glass to shatter into small, harmless pieces if it is broken, helping reduce the risk of injury to bystanders as well as those responsible for cleanup.

Tempered glass is often used in buildings and homes because it can provide a high level of security and safety. It is difficult to break, and if it does shatter, the small pieces will not cause any harm. Tempered glass can also be used in applications where durability is important, such as car windshields. A windshield may chip or crack when struck by road debris, but it takes a lot to completely shatter a windshield, which helps keep drivers and passengers safe from the dangers of broken glass.

Additionally, some buildings have safety codes specifying a safety glass. Building owners and property managers who are required to update existing windows to bring them into compliance with current safety codes may be considering tempered glass among their options. 

So why choose Security Window Film as a tempered glass alternative?

When it comes to security, tempered glass is often the go-to choice for businesses and homeowners alike. But what if there was a cheaper, easier alternative? 

As it turns out, there is! 

Security window film can provide the same level of protection as tempered glass – without the hassle and cost of replacement. So if you’re looking for a way to bring your building up to code and provide peace of mind, security window film is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Security window film offers a variety of benefits that tempered glass simply can’t match. Here are just a few of the advantages that security window film has to offer as a tempered glass alternative:

1. Affordability – One of the biggest benefits of security window film is its affordability. Security window film is much more affordable than tempered glass, making it a great option for businesses and homeowners looking to advance safety on a budget.

2. Ease of installation – Security window film can be installed in a fraction of the time that tempered glass would take. This means that you can get your building up to code quickly and easily without having to worry about the hassle and expense of replacement tempered glass. Another bonus? Security film installs on your existing windows, so you’ll have a lot less construction waste to deal with than if you had replaced your windows with tempered glass.

3. Durability – Security window film is incredibly durable, meaning it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. This makes it a great choice for businesses and homeowners who need a security solution that can stand up to the test of time. In addition, when you choose a top-quality security film from industry-leading manufacturer 3M, your purchase is protected by a manufacturer-backed warranty.

4. Sun control – Some security window films are designed to provide a dual benefit of security plus sun control. With 3M Ultra Prestige Series films, for example, you can block damaging UV rays, improve window insulation, and enhance occupant comfort, all while promoting safety and security.

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