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3M DI-NOC: A Surface Refinishing Solution

In Surface Refinishing by David Brown

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If your commercial spaces could use an update but you don’t want the hassle or expense of a renovation, then 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes is a surface refinishing solution you should consider. These durable finishes provide the look of many different materials at a fraction of the cost of their traditional counterparts.

DI-NOC lets you transform any smooth surface with the look of real textiles, metal, wood, or stone. The finishes are perfect for walls, partitions, and room dividers, reception desks, elevator walls, doors, and more.

Add beauty and interest to walls and other areas with the creative textures and patterns of DI-NOC. The simple addition of this surface refinishing solution can really change the whole feel and mood of spaces. This is especially true of spaces with old, dull, faded, or outdated walls and surfaces. Make your building appear more “green,” for instance, by adding natural wood patterns to walls. The impact DI-NOC finishes make can go a long way when you get creative. But you don’t have to figure out how to use them on your own! Our team will work with you to choose the best finishes for your space. Then we’ll provide a quality installation that’s fast, affordable, and backed by 3M’s comprehensive warranty.

Why Choose DI-NOC as Your Surface Refinishing Solution?

Here is a list of the benefits you can expect when you choose DI-NOC Architectural Finishes.


As we previously mentioned, DI-NOC finishes are much more affordable than the cost of replacing existing walls and surfaces with materials like real wood, stone, and other building materials. Installation is also simpler and faster since your existing surfaces do not have to be removed and replaced. Not to mention, there’s much less disruption to your building environment and productivity.

Easy to Clean & Disinfect

DI-NOC finishes are durable and easy to clean and disinfect, which is more important than ever due to COVID-19. DI-NOC film is non-porous and designed to maintain its beauty over time. This is the case even when it’s cleaned regularly with commercial-grade cleaners that suppress the growth of harmful microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


DI-NOC Architectural Finishes give you the look of real wood and other natural materials without harvesting those materials from the earth. The eSeries architectural films are non-vinyl, making them the most environmentally friendly architectural finishes in 3M’s line. Furthermore, recovering surfaces rather than replacing existing surfaces reduces waste.

It’s Touchable

For those who want tactile finishes that have the feel of real materials like textiles, stone, and wood in addition to those materials’ appearances, 3M offers the DI-NOC Matte Series. These finishes combine matte coat technology with high-definition embossing technology. In addition to being touchable, they are fingerprint resistant and low gloss to diffuse reflections.

Wide Variety of Options

With nearly 200 new designs of 3M DI-NOC, you’ll surely find the perfect finish for the surfaces in your building. Design options fall into several different categories, including smooth metal, oxidized metal, smooth mortar, smooth stone, textiles, solid colors, dry woods, and industrial patterns.

Learn More About This Versatile Surface Refinishing Solution

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