Specialty Films & Covers

Casper Cloaking Film

Casper Cloaking Film conceals what is displayed on digital screens when viewed from the opposite side of the glass without blocking the view in or out of the space. This specialty film is perfect for office environments that want to maintain an open feel while also obscuring the display of confidential information.

Smart Film

Smart Film is an innovative technology that provides privacy on demand. This specialty film seamlessly transitions between its clear and tinted states with the flip of a switch or press of a button. Applying Smart Film to interior glass services like a conference room provides confidentiality during meetings but then allows for an open space feel to foster a collaborative environment when privacy is not required.

specialty smart film

skylight covers

Skylight Solar Covers

Skylights are wonderful for providing natural light from a different angle than traditional windows. However, skylights also transmit heat, glare, and UV rays. Our skylight covers protect the interior of your home or commercial space from excessive heat gain, overhead glare, and sun damage. Each cover is custom-made to fit your skylight, ensuring a flawless installation.

Signal Protect Film

Signal Protect Film provides a solution for organizations where protecting data and confidential information is paramount. The film minimizes the transmission of electronic signals, preventing the interception of information by those outside of the building. Common applications include government and healthcare organizations. With an RF shielding performance of 99.99%, Signal Protect Film keeps your information safe and secure. Choose from clear or silver-tinted varieties.

signal protection specialty film

specialty bird safety film

Bird Safety Film

Particularly in cities where there are buildings with large expanses of windows, it's common for birds to pelt the glass during flight. This can injure the bird and cause damage to the windows. Bird Safety Film adds subtle lines in a variety of patterns to windows that indicate to birds that a glass pane is present. This discourages them from flying into the glass.

Stained Glass Film

Sometimes windows or other glass surfaces just need a pop of color! Stained Glass Film accomplishes this aesthetic at a fraction of the cost of traditional stained glass. In addition to adding visual interest by incorporating texture and color into your space, it also enhances privacy.

stained glass film

specialty bird safety film

Anti-Graffiti Film

Graffiti removal is both time consuming and expensive. While preventing graffiti proves difficult, there is a solution for more efficient and cost-effective clean up. Anti-Graffiti Film protects exterior glass surfaces from vandalism by adding a removable and invisible covering to the glass. When a vandal believes they are leaving a permanent artistic statement on your windows, they are actually only painting the film. For easy clean up, simply remove the defaced film and apply a clean layer of Anti-Graffiti protection.

Dry Erase Film

Foster collaboration and creativity in your office with Dry Erase Film. Perfect for brainstorming new ideas and diagramming processes, this film allows team members to write on surfaces such as walls, glass partitions, and even table tops. When you're done, simply wipe the surface clean with a felt eraser for a crisp, clean appearance.

dry erase film

specialty film

Top-Tier Technology

At General Solar, we understand that many of our clients require films that go above and beyond the capabilities of standard window film. That's why we carry a wide variety of specialty films and covers. From films that transition from clear to tinted with the flip of a switch to films that offer radio frequency shielding, we are here to provide you with latest in window film technology.

Distraction Bands

Need a way to foster privacy in your office without closing off your space and blocking natural light? Distraction bands could provide the perfect solution for glass conference rooms and private offices. This privacy film option entails applying a strip of frosted or textured film to a glass wall at eye level, as opposed to tinting the entire glass pane from floor to ceiling. Choose from a variety of textures and patterns. Furthermore, we can die-cut or print a design or logo into the band of film to add architectural interest and reinforce your brand. Distraction bands also signal a glass pane’s presence to people, preventing collisions that could result in injury or damage. In addition to offering an aesthetically pleasing privacy solution, distraction bands also provide a cost-effective alternative to treating an entire glass wall since less material is utilized.

dry erase film
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