Commercial Window Tint

Window Tints Specifically Designed for Commercial Applications

According to the DOE, windows are responsible for as much as 30% of total heating load in commercial buildings. Window films are a great way to keep your tenants happy and improve the efficiency of the glass in your building. In addition, energy control window films will enhance your building aesthetics for a uniform appearance.

Professional Window FIlm Installation

At General Solar Company, we are experts at understanding the requirements and details of a commercial installation. We work with you to ensure your project is completed with the highest quality of products and services, in the timeframe you need. We have extensive experience working in occupied spaces. When our installers arrive on site, they are able to minimize disruptions to the workplace, and ensure that the process goes smoothly. Contact us for more information about your new construction or retrofit commercial projects.

General Solar Window Film installation process represented.

Businessman shown smiling as he experiences the benefits of Commercial Window Film applied to his office, such as heat control and improved comfort.

Experience The Benefits

Benefits of Commercial Window Film Application:

  • Control Heat from the Sun for Energy Savings
  • Improve Tenant Comfort
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Reduce Excessive Heat & Cold Spots
  • Enhance Building Aesthetics
  • Enhance Building or Room Privacy
  • UV & Fade Protection with Window Tinting
  • Increase HVAC Equipment Life
  • Reduce Glare Problems
  • Protection From Breaking Glass
  • Upgrade To Current Codes
  • Simple Retrofits – Fast Paybacks

Is your business in Maryland? Then you may qualify for a rebate.

Get $1.00 back per square foot on east, west and south-facing windows when you apply eligible window film to your Maryland commercial space.

Eligibility Requirements:
-New window films must be applied on east, west, or south-facing windows with no shading.
-The existing windows must not have window films.
-The entire window pane must be covered with the new window films.
-The proposed window film should have a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.40 or less or a shading coefficient of 0.45 or less.
-Incentives are available for retrofit applications only. The window films must be NFRC certified.

Download and submit the application for your power company to receive your rebate.

Commercial Window Films

3M offers a variety of commercial window film products to meet your specific needs and objectives. These products include:

3M Thinsulate Climate Control Series
3M Daylight Redirecting Film
3M Sun Control Window Films
3M Scotchshield Safety & Security Window Films
3M Privacy Window Films
3M Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Let General Solar’s experienced staff guide you through your protective film selection process for your business or home. We have been professionally installing security window film and glass coatings for commercial businesses and government buildings in Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia since 1969.

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Commercial General Solar Company
Commercial General Solar Company
Commercial General Solar Company
Commercial General Solar Company
Commercial General Solar Company
Commercial General Solar Company
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Installing window film will protect your #1 investment, lower your energy consumption, increase your comfort, provide added security and increase the value of your home or building…

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