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Protect Your Students from Intruders and Natural Disasters with 3M Safety and Security Window Film.

General Solar Company has been providing professional window film installations for families, schools, and businesses since 1969. Each of our team members has more than 20 years of experience and is prepared to help you identify the best Safety and Security Window Film for your school’s needs and budget.

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The rise of public shootings and the ever present danger of natural disasters are forcing us to make changes to reinforce and strengthen school safety. Most schools and colleges keep a diligent eye on who enters their buildings and lock their exterior doors at all times. But the easiest way for intruders to enter is not through a door, it’s through the windows.

3M™ Safety and Security Window Film makes it nearly impossible for intruders or flying debris to enter your school. In addition to withstanding tough blows, gunshots, and even explosions, it is virtually clear and will not affect the aesthetics of your building. Window film is a long-term solution that will help put your mind at ease when it comes to the safety and security of your students and faculty.

Stop Intruders in Their Tracks

Once the active shooter understands he or she can’t gain entry through the door, they’ll try the windows. Safety and Security Film adds a thick, clear coating to glass surfaces. This helps mitigate blows to doors and windows by minimizing shatter. It acts as a thick shield, which gives your staff and students more time to get to safety. Local law enforcement may arrive on the scene and take control of the situation before the intruder ever enters the building.

Safety and Security Window Film, also known as fragment retention film, was credited for saving lives during the 2001 attacks on the Pentagon. The film captured a significant amount of shattered glass upon impact, hundreds of feet away from the plane’s entry point. 3M™ window film can reduce the impact of explosions and other tragedies that could happen on your campus.

Safety During Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can happen at any time, often when we least expect them. When you fortify your windows with Safety and Security Films, you decrease the likelihood of shattered glass and debris harming those inside the building.

Thousands of schools around the country have installed window film because they understand that disaster can strike anywhere, even our classrooms. Contact General Solar and talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives about protecting our future generations and their dedicated educators.

The 3M™ Warranty

3M™’s films are installed by professionals and covered by a comprehensive warranty. This means up to 15 graduating classes can benefit from this long-term safety solution. 3M™’s comprehensive warranty will cover any bubbling, peeling, or cracking should it occur.

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Protect Your Students and Staff with 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film.

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