Safety & Security Film

Protect People & Property

Windows are the most vulnerable part of any structure. When an intruder is unable to enter through a door, the next best point of entry is a window. With a simple swing of a crowbar or baseball bat, a burglar can shatter a window and gain entry. This poses a serious threat to your family, employees, and property.

Window film provides an additional layer of security to your windows. While alarm systems and security cameras help alert you when forced entry occurs, they do little to prevent the intruder from gaining access to your space. Security film prevents the intruder from gaining unwanted entry to begin with.

Impact Resistant

Safety & Security Film greatly augments the difficulty of penetrating a window. 3M’s proprietary adhesive holds the shards of glass together even after the glass shatters. This increases the amount of time it takes to gain entry by up to two minutes. While two minutes may not sound like very long, it could be enough time for you to call for help, evacuate, or find a safe hiding place. Additionally, when an intruder is faced with the unexpected resistance of window film, they may abandon their attempt to break in altogether for an easier target.

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Attachment Systems

For maximum security, we use attachment systems in conjunction with window film. This solution is optimal for areas prone to inclement weather and acts of terrorism. The attachment systems prevent the entire glass pane from being blown inward from bomb blasts, high winds, and flying debris.

Attachment systems come in two varieties: 3M Impact Protection Adhesive or 3M Impact Protection Profile. Our window film experts can help you determine which solution works best for your security needs and aesthetic desires.

General Service Administration Testing Guidelines

GSA (General Service Administration) Description: This standard is the sole test protocol by which blast resistant windows and related hazard mitigation technology and products shall be evaluated for facilities under the control and responsibility of the US General Service Administration.

ASTM F-1642/F2912 Description: Standard test method for glazing and glazing systems subject to airblast loadings. This test method provides a structured procedure to establish the hazard
rating of glazing, glazing systems, and glazing retroft systems subjected to an airblast loading. Knowing the hazard rating provides the ability to assess risk of personal injury and facility damage.

impact resistant film
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3M Safety & Security Film

Check out 3M's official Catalog and Brochure for more detailed information

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