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Office Design Inspiration Using Decorative Film, Architectural Finishes, & Wall Graphics

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Could you use a little office design inspiration? If your office or commercial rental space is outdated, run-down, or just plain boring, decorative film, architectural finishes, and wall graphics are total game-changers. They can virtually transform any space without renovating or replacing existing fixtures. As a result, you save time and money while receiving the same benefits you’d expect from renovating or refurbishing your space.

A Versatile & Cost-Effective Solution

Decorative film, architectural finishes, and wall graphics are offered by 3M™ in many different styles, colors, and textures. These micro-thin films add the look of high-end finishes like etched or textured glass to smooth surfaces at a fraction of the cost, but they do more than that! They also add vibrant color, visually interesting patterns, and texture to walls, glass, and other surfaces. These include stair railings, glass walls, partitions, reception desks, columns, and more.

Decorative film, architectural finishes, and wall graphics can mimic the look of marble, wood, metal, and other materials. The design options are virtually endless. The film is durable, won’t damage surfaces, and can be swapped out as often as needed. Here are five ideas for using decorative film, architectural finishes, and wall graphics to transform office spaces.

5 Ideas for Office Design Inspiration

1 – Mix Bright Colors with Interesting Patterns

Combine a vibrant color with an interesting pattern, and you instantly have an eye-catching design that pops. Bright, bold colors will add new life to dull office walls and make them look more modern. Redo an entire room or just add an accent wall. It’s totally up to you.

2 – Add Nature-Inspired Texture

Architectural finishes with the look and feel of natural wood grain warm spaces and make occupants feel more connected with the outdoors. Yet, it doesn’t require the cutting down of a single tree. Popular applications include walls, doors, partitions, columns, and any surface where you want to add the look of real wood.

3 – Combine 2 or More Textures for a Unique Look

Decorative films and architectural finishes offer unique opportunities for thinking outside the box. For example, they make it easy to combine the texture of different materials that would otherwise be difficult to use together in designs.

4 – Make Plain Glass Work for You

Add designs that speak volumes about your business or brand to plain glass surfaces. Frosted film can convey any message and be die-cut into any shape or custom design. The film does double-duty by also adding a layer of privacy to transparent glass.

5 – Add Timeless Elegance

Nothing makes a space feel more elegant than sleek, smooth marble surfaces. Architectural finishes with marble designs elevate plain, unattractive surfaces and immediately make them feel special. Moreover, marble works well with other textures and patterns to create looks that are totally original.

Looking for More Office Design Inspiration?

We can help you develop unique designs for transforming your office or commercial rental space with decorative film, wall graphics, and architectural finishes. Not to mention, there’s no renovation required!

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