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Casper Cloaking Film: Innovative New Film that Protects Privacy in Open Workplaces

In Privacy Window Film by David Brown

There’s finally a solution that supports the modern, digital workplace and encourages collaboration, without putting sensitive information at risk – Casper™ Cloaking Film. Developed by Designtex, Casper Cloaking Film is an architectural film that’s perfect for use in the bright, open workspaces that have been proven to boost worker morale and productivity. It protects information displayed on screens from unintended …

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7 Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

In Residential Window Film by David Brown

Most homeowners are unaware of the breadth of solutions that window film offers. These advantages range from improving safety and security to lowering energy bills. Professionally installed residential window tinting provides homeowners with seven key benefits. 1 – Control Energy Costs Window film lets in natural light while reflecting a significant amount of the sun’s heat. This helps keep homes …

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How Commercial Window Tinting Provides a Fast ROI

In Commercial Window Film by David Brown

Did you know that an investment in commercial window tinting can pay off many times over in energy savings? This is because a large amount of the heat that’s lost in commercial buildings is caused by the leakage of heated air through windows. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), as much as 30% of the total heating load …

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How Window Film Helps Improve Home Security

In Safety & Security by David Brown

Your home is your haven – a place where you can relax and feel comfortable and safe. That’s why home security is important. Unfortunately, homes are too often the target of crime. According to statistics, intruders break into more than 3.7 million homes every year in this country. That means that one home is broken into every 7 minutes. Even …

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Bird Safety Film: It Could Help Save Our Feathered Friends

In Products by David Brown

An estimated 1 billion birds die each year in the U.S. from colliding with windows. Some die instantly while others die later from injuries sustained from hitting the glass. According to a recent research study by scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey and Canada’s environmental agency, America’s bird population has decreased significantly over the past 50 years – by 29 …

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Climate Control Window Film: A Cost-Effective Solution for Controlling Energy Costs

In Temperature Control by David Brown

With climate control window film, you can have more sway over your energy bills all year long, regardless of the temperature outdoors. This innovative type of window film provides a transparent layer of insulation to cut your cooling costs in the summer, and to help your home retain heat in the winter.  And if you’re wondering how much your windows …

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Sun Control Window Film for Improved Indoor Comfort this Summer

In Sun Control by David Brown

Summer is just around the corner so it’s the ideal time to think about how to stay cool and comfortable indoors when it’s hot outside. Let’s face it. Summer can be fun, but when temperatures soar outdoors to their uppermost limits, our homes and offices provide refuge from the extreme heat and the glaring rays of the sun. But keeping …

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Window Film: What Does It Cost to Install and Why?

In Commercial Window Film, Decorative Window Film, Privacy Window Film, Products, Temperature Control, Window Film Installation by David Brown

What is the average price range for window film installation? Window film can be a very price efficient solution for many different residential or commercial issues that may arise. However, just how cost-effective it is may not be common knowledge to a lot of people. There are of course certain factors in play that will affect the price. The first …

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Product Spotlight: Custom Decorative Window Film

In Commercial Window Film, Decorative Window Film by David Brown

Setting your business apart. In today’s competitive business world, it can be imperative that you do everything you can to set yourself apart. Custom decorative window film is one way that you can achieve exactly that. You can have your windows decorated in various patterns, gradients, frosts, and textures to help reinforce your brand image and give customers or clients …