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National Pet Month: Best Window Film for Dogs

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Does your dog bark at everything that passes by the window, whether a squirrel, delivery driver, or neighbor? As May is National Pet Month, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about solutions that can calm a reactive dog. An easy answer to this problem is limiting your dog’s vision out the window. While blinds or curtains may help prevent your dog from seeing out the window, it can often lead to broken blinds, torn-down curtain rods, and frustration. A better solution is using window film for dogs. 

Types of Window Film for Dogs

There are several different types of window film for dogs that can decrease visibility out the window. By keeping your dog from seeing what’s going on outside, it can help reduce barking and calm their anxiety. While some window films have lighter opacities that retain views, others are less transparent. Darker window films can block more visibility to add more privacy but still allow some natural light transfer at the same time. 

Frosted Film 

Frosted film imitates the look of frosted glass. It still allows the sun’s light to pass through the glass while adding an extra layer of privacy. Where frosted glass tends to be expensive, frosted window film can cover a lot of glass for an affordable price, making it an excellent option for large front doors and windows. The frosted quality of the film prevents dogs from clearly seeing out the window, preventing them from barking. Not only will it help keep your home quiet, but it will also add to the aesthetics. 

Patterned Film

Patterned window film is a fun and creative way to keep your dog from barking while adding style to your home. Rather than cover the entire window, we can also provide a partial application, so you can retain some light and views while getting privacy where you need it most. Because it helps diminish the view, your dog will be less likely to bark at passersby. With plenty of styles and colors available, you can find one to easily match your design style.

Custom Film 

If you’re looking for a specific type of window film for your dog, but aren’t seeing a style you like, create your own design with custom window film. Our team of expert designers would love to help make your vision come to life. With custom film, you can get a completely unique look for your home while keeping your furry friend from waking up the neighbors. 

Keep Your Pet Safe with Window Film for Dogs

Window film for dogs won’t just prevent excess barking and reduce anxiety, but it will also help keep them safe. While jumping on a window might not be dangerous for a small dog, larger dogs could potentially break the glass and injure themselves. With window film, you can protect your dog while adding value to your home. Speak to one of our window film experts today to get a free quote for your home!

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