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How Window Film Helps Minimize Bird Collisions with Glass

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Every year, countless birds are injured or killed due to collisions with glass windows. This is an all too common occurrence that has been increasing in recent years as more and more buildings are constructed with large expanses of glass. While this offers a naturally lit space with expansive outdoor views, it negatively impacts the avian population. But there is a way to minimize bird collisions with glass: window film. In this article, we will explore how window film works and discuss its benefits in minimizing bird collisions with glass.

Why Do Birds Collide with Windows?

The problem of bird collisions with glass is a growing concern for the conservation of wildlife. In fact, it’s estimated that 1 billion birds die each year from colliding with buildings.. The issue often arises because birds mistake reflections on glass buildings for open skies or nearby trees. Unfortunately, as more and more buildings and other structures are designed with large expanses of glass, this problem will only worsen unless action is taken. Not only are skyscrapers and taller office buildings a threat, but so are homes and low-rise buildings. Luckily, with Bird Safety Film, you can protect the birds and your windows with Bird Safety Film.

Protect the Avian Population with Bird Safety Film

SOLYX Bird Safety Window Film provides birds with a visual cue that allows them to detect the presence of glass before they make contact. These films are designed with subtle patterns, t, making the glass more visible to birds in flight and allowing them to take evasive action. Bird Safety Window Film is available in patterns like:

  • Horizontal Lines
  • Vertical Lines
  • Dots
  • Birds
  • Trellis

There have been numerous successful installations of window film across various cities around the world which have resulted in reduced incidents of bird collisions with windows. For example, one study conducted on office buildings in Toronto found that after installing bird-friendly window films, there was an 89% decrease in bird fatalities over three years due to collisions with windows. Similarly, a study conducted on residential homes in Seattle found that after installing bird-safe films, there was an 86% reduction in bird deaths due to collisions with windows over two years.  

For instance, a building at Northwestern University saw a 95% decrease in collisions after installing bird-friendly window film. In addition, the Portland Aubodon and the City’s Bureau of Environmental Services saw a 94% reduction in bird strikes after bird safety film was applied to a city building. 

Minimize Damage to WindowsNot only can Bird Safety Film help the birds, but it also protects your property! Should a bird collide with your window, it could leave marks or damage. As a result, you may need to eventually replace your window, which can be costly and time-consuming. With Bird Safety Film, you can ensure both your property and the avian population are protected from harm and damage.

The solution is simple, and the results are clear: bird safety film is an impactful way to reduce the likelihood of birds colliding with windows.  By taking these steps, we can keep our feathered friends safe from harm while still enjoying natural light and energy savings at home or in our offices.

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