Sun coming through large office window and casting a glare while workers sit at a long desk

How to Reduce Glare in Offices with Window Film

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Have you ever noticed a bright glare come across your computer screen as you’re working quietly in the office? If you sit near a window, the sun will likely cast a harsh glare across your screen at certain parts of the day as the light is at a specific angle. Glare doesn’t just make it more difficult to see, but it can also cause eye strain and headaches. Thankfully, there’s a way you can combat annoying glare without covering up the windows with shades, blinds, or curtains. If you’re searching for how to reduce glare for your office, window film is an affordable and versatile solution that won’t sacrifice natural light. 

Minimize Glare While Maintaining Natural Light

3M™ Window Films reduce glare without eliminating natural light entirely. While drawing the curtains makes the room darker and effectively reduces glare, it will also diminish the sun’s natural light. Darker tinted window films are great at reducing glare but will still allow a portion of natural light to enter the room. Although they will lower that amount of natural light, they won’t block it entirely like window treatments. Plus, you’ll still maintain the view when you look out the window — something you can’t do if the blinds are shut or the curtains are down. 

How Does Glare Reduction Window Film Work?

3M’s Prestige Series Window Films are made of hundreds of thin layers that reflect certain wavelengths of light, transmitting some while blocking others. Because of the way that 3M films are designed, they’re able to work more efficiently as the sun’s angle changes throughout the day. Not only does this offer glare reduction when you need it most, but it also helps reflect heat during the brightest and hottest times of the day. 

Benefits of Window Film Beyond Glare Reduction

Window film will work to eliminate annoying office glare, reduce eye strain, and improve occupant comfort. But that’s not the only thing it’s good for! Here are some other added benefits of applying window film to your office building: 

  • Reflects heat and reduces hot spots 
  • Maintains interior temperatures for improved comfort 
  • Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility bills 
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays 
  • Fights against fading to protect furniture, flooring, and artwork 
  • Offers a quick return on investment 

So when it comes to finding the best method for how to reduce glare, consider window film as a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for your business. Reach out to our window film experts to learn more about how window film can benefit your building.

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