How to Boost Security for Commercial Properties

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Whether you oversee an office space, a retail store, or another commercial property, maintaining security is a primary concern. You want to ensure that your tenants or other occupants feel safe and secure at all times. There are a few ways you can create a robust security system for your commercial property. However, if you’re looking for an affordable and easy solution to increase safety, window security film is one of the most cost-effective measures. 

Get Comprehensive Protection with Window Security Film 

Commercial building facades typically include a lot of glass. While glass is great for letting in natural light, it’s extremely structurally vulnerable. Window security film easily applies to both glass doors and windows to improve the overall safety of your building. 

How Window Security Film Increases Safety

At face value, it may seem like a thin material like window film wouldn’t do much to increase safety. However, window film can safeguard against burglaries, break-ins, vandalism, and severe weather by making glass harder to penetrate. 

If an intruder attempts to break a window or glass door bolstered with window security film, the glass will still shatter. However, the window film holds the glass together to delay intrusion and mitigate the dangers of broken glass. In areas with frequent seismic activity or hurricanes, security film can strengthen windows and hold glass fragments together, so they don’t cause injury. 

The film is practically invisible, so you’ll barely even notice it’s there. Along with making your building safer, window film also blocks UV rays and improves energy efficiency to help save you money on your utility bills. 

Because window film is a cost-effective solution, you’ll see returns on your investment in no time. The International Window Film Association even recommends security window film for schools because of its affordability. 

Window security isn’t just important for commercial properties, either. You can also use window film to improve your home security to keep your family safe.

Other Ways to Increase Your Commercial Property’s Security 

Window film isn’t the only way to beef up your security measures. Here are a few other ways you can make your commercial property safer. 

  • Invest in an Alarm System
  • Install Security Cameras
  • Hire Security Guards 
  • Improve Lighting in Dim Areas 

Invest in an Alarm System 

Alarm systems, especially ones that include 24/7 monitoring, can be expensive. However, they can greatly improve your commercial property’s security by alerting you of anything out of the ordinary. 

Install Security Cameras 

Alarm systems are great, but if you want to take the security up a notch, you’ll want to install security cameras. What better way to get a picture of what’s going on at all times other than with video surveillance? Even if it’s not functional, a prominently placed security camera can serve as a deterrent to intruders.

Hire Security Guards

Depending on how much protection you need, you may want to consider hiring security guards. They can keep an eye on important areas that may need extra monitoring or watch over the entire property. Parking lots are areas that are frequently overlooked but often in need of additional security. 

Improve Lighting in Dim Areas 

Dimly lit areas pose a security risk due to the lack of visibility. If personnel or building occupants have to cross a low-lit area that’s hard to see, it can be a safety issue. Improving visibility in these areas with floodlights or motion-activated lights will make the area safer.

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