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How Window Film Helps Improve Home Security

In Safety & Security by David Brown

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Your home is your haven – a place where you can relax and feel comfortable and safe. That’s why home security is important.

Unfortunately, homes are too often the target of crime. According to statistics, intruders break into more than 3.7 million homes every year in this country. That means that one home is broken into every 7 minutes. Even more surprisingly, in 28% of cases, someone was home when the break-in occurred.

While we want to do everything we can to protect our homes and families from crime, home security systems can be expensive. The average cost to have a security system installed is around $900, not including the monthly monitoring fees. Not everyone can afford that level investment, but fortunately, less expensive options exist.

Window Film Can Deter Crime

Window film is a more affordable way to deter crime. Privacy film makes it more difficult for criminals to see into your home to learn your family’s routines. Furthermore, it’s more challenging to tell who is home (or not home) at what times to premeditate a break-in plan. This type of window film is available in a variety finishes with varying levels of opacity, to make it difficult or impossible to see inside.

The extra layers of material that window film adds to your windows also resists impact and makes windows harder to break. A home invader, for instance, may have to strike a window enhanced with window film multiple times for it to break. While the would-be intruder attempts to shatter the window, they’ll make noise which will alert anyone who’s inside. The noise and increased time it takes them to gain entry may be enough to convince the criminal to move on in search of an easier target. 

Window Film Makes Windows Harder to Enter

Even if an intruder does succeed in breaking your window, window film holds the pieces of broken glass in place and prevents the shards from spraying. This protects those inside from injuries caused by flying glass. When the glass is held together like this, the window is also more challenging for an intruder to break through, so it takes them more time to gain entry. This buys your family precious minutes to hide, get to safety, or call for help. 

Additional Security Features of Window Film

You can add optional security features to 3M™ home security window films. For instance, you can use them in conjunction with 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems. These adhesive and profile systems attach to the frame of the filmed window for an elevated level of protection.

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