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Product Spotlight: 3M Fasara Glass Finishes

In Decorative Window Film, Commercial Window Film, Privacy Window Film by David Brown

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Elegant, decorative, and private

3M™ Fasara™ are decorative window films that transform the ambiance of a space with finishes that have depth, subtly, modernity, energy, precision and more. Not only can they completely change the look and feel of your interior, but it also provides increased privacy.

The additional privacy that is provided by the Fasara decorative window films can be especially helpful for use in a commercial space, in a big city. For example, a lot of the window film service we provide is in Washington, D.C. and our clients love the ability to keep glass conference rooms private, while at the same time increasing the aesthetics of the space.

Plenty of designs to choose from

There are plenty of different finishes and designs so that you can customize your window to look exactly how you want. The Fasara designs were created in collaboration with leading designers from across the globe. The state-of-the-art collection will give you even more ways to create stunning visual effects on interior glass surfaces, as well as add privacy and control light and glare.

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