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Will window film cause glass to break?

A: With properly selected window film that is professionally installed, the likelihood of your glass breaking is minimal. Window film can cause the glass to break in certain conditions. It usually occurs when the glass is older and the film is extremely dark. In the rare event that the glass breaks, the manufacturer’s warranty will cover glass breakage. 

The Importance of Professional Window Film Installation

Working with a professional to select, purchase and install your window film is strongly recommended. Not all types of window film work for every situation. A window film professional can ensure that the film you end up selecting is safe for your glass and won’t result in breakage. When it comes to installation, they will follow the proper procedure that the manufacturer has defined for the film, ensuring a clean installation and optimal performance.

3M Warranty for Window Film

Your investment in window film is protected by the manufacturer warranty. 3M Window Films are warrantied to maintain their solar control properties without bubbling, peeling, cracking, or crazing. They are warrantied to maintain their adhesion properties without blistering or delaminating from the glass. Additionally, many of our films are warranted against discoloration. The warranty period varies, but for residential applications the warranty is lifetime, and most commercial applications are warrantied between 10 and 12 years. 

15-Year Commercial Coverage:

The 3M warranty provides coverage for up to 15 years against manufacturer defects with the purchase of select commercial window films.

Lifetime Residential Coverage:

The 3M warranty provides coverage for life against manufacturer’s defects with your purchase of select residential window films.

To learn which window film is right for your space, contact General Solar today. We’ll talk with you about the problems you’re hoping to resolve, the specifics of your property, and your budget to help find the best window film solution for you.