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What is the best film for skylights?

For skylights, we recommend a darker and more reflective film, since skylights receive the bulk of the heat energy from the sun. Usually, Silver R20, a highly reflective film, or a very dark tinted film is what we would suggest for skylight applications. It’s important to note that you will have to verify that the skylight is composed of glass and not Plexiglass. Most window films cannot be applied to Plexiglass surfaces.

How Window Film Helps Improve Skylights

Skylights are desirable architectural features because they let in natural light to brighten up your interior spaces. However, they can also introduce more heat, glare, and UV light into your home or office. This can not only contribute to occupant discomfort, but also higher energy costs, more wear and tear on your HVAC system, and fading of furniture and floors. These concerns can be addressed by installing window film on your skylights. Window film will reduce the excess heat, glare, and the harmful UV rays that skylights let into your home. This improves comfort, slows fading, and reduces utility costs. Read more about the benefits of window film for skylights on our blog.

Will Window Film Fit My Skylights?

Yes, window film can be custom cut to fit any size or shape of window, patio door, skylight and other glass. Each sheet of window film is custom cut to match the exact sizing of your windows. This technique ensures there are no visible seams, even when the film is installed on a window with non-standard dimensions.

To find the best window film product for your skylights, contact the experts at General Solar. Our team can help guide you through product selection and can provide you with a free estimate for your window film installation project. In addition to window films for skylights, we also carry skylight solar covers, which you can learn more about on our specialty films page.