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How exactly does window film work?

Window film is designed and manufactured to reflect the solar energy from the sun and the light coming through the glass through different types of filters. Heat-causing infrared light and damaging UV light are blocked out, while visible light is allowed to pass through the glass to brighten your space with natural light

Different window films rely on different materials and technology to accomplish these outcomes. Films may be made of premium advanced plastic, metallic, or glass laminate. Our premium films like 3M Prestige Sun Control Film are made of multiple layers of polyester that are compressed to reflect UV rays, solar energy, and infrared light.

In addition to addressing common concerns associated with the sun, there are window films designed for other specialized purposes. These films often rely on additional technology to accomplish these ends. For example, Privacy Films feature lower interior reflectivity and higher exterior reflectivity in order to obscure the view into your home. Safety and Security Films rely on patented microlayer, tear-resistant technology to hold glass together even when it breaks. This helps to maintain the building envelope, protecting those inside and buying additional time to respond in the event of an emergency. 

Another example of specialized technology in window film is seen in photochromic film. This product contains a special layer that chemically reacts when exposed to sunlight. When activated, they can significantly block the majority of both the sun’s harmful UV rays and its heat-producing infrared light. But at night or when it’s cloudy or rainy outside, windows remain clear to provide the best views and to reduce your need for using artificial interior lights. 

Whatever your goals are for installing window film at your property, the experts at General Solar can help you identify the best solution and answer any questions you may have about the product. Contact us today to get started.