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How does window film help with energy efficiency?

 Window film rejects the majority of the sun’s heat and the sun’s energy, which lowers the indoor temperature in your house or office. By helping to maintain the temperature around your set point, window film reduces the demand on your HVAC system to artificially cool and heat the space. This improves energy efficiency, lowers utility bills, and reduces your home or building’s environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency and Your Windows

A home or building is only insulated as well as its windows. A single-pane window loses 20 times as much heat as the same surface area in an adjacent, well-insulated wall. Because of the poor insulation properties of windows without film installed, nearly 30% of all energy used to heat and cool homes is literally going out the window. 

Thinsulate™ Window Film helps improve the insulation value of a typical single-pane window close to that of a double-pane, and improves a double-pane window close to that of a triple-pane. The benefits of an insulating window film compared to replacement windows is lower cost, faster and less disruptive installation process, and less waste. Furthermore, installing an energy-saving window film on your commercial property can contribute up to 11 points towards your LEED certification and improve your Energy Star score.

Window Film ROI and Payback Period

Because window film helps improve energy efficiency of your property and reduce your monthly utility costs, over time the film ends up paying for itself. The energy payback period of your investment in window film will vary depending upon the amount of sunlit glass exposure, the type of window film used, cost of application, type of glass, cost of utilities, and other variables. However, we have often seen energy payback on window film range in the 2-5 year period, with some reported to be even less than 6 months. 
To learn more about the best window films for energy efficiency, contact General Solar. Our team of window film experts and factory-certified installers can help answer your questions and help you select the best product for your space.