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Can window film be removed?

 Yes, window film can be removed. Certain types of film are very difficult to remove. To ensure successful removal, we highly suggest working with a professional to remove window film from your windows. 

How Long Will Window Film Last?

Window film will last many years before it needs to be removed. Properly installed premium-quality films are designed to remain adhered to your glass for 10-15 years for commercial applications and even longer for residential applications. In fact, the manufacturer warranty covers labor and material to remove and reinstall your film if it becomes defective during the warranty period.  

  • 15-Year Commercial Coverage:

    The 3M warranty provides coverage for up to 15 years against manufacturer defects with the purchase of select commercial window films.
  • Lifetime Residential Coverage:

    The 3M warranty provides coverage for life against manufacturer’s defects with your purchase of select residential window films.

How to Remove Window Film

When the time comes to remove window film, we recommend reaching out to a professional. A window tinting expert will follow the proper procedure to remove the film from your window, leaving behind a clean, unblemished surface.

There are a variety of methods for removing window film. Most methods involve application of heat or liquid solution to break the adhesive bond, scraping with a razor knife, and some significant elbow grease. Once the film is removed, a soft cloth and cleaning solution can be used to polish up the glass, leaving the window looking spotless.

Will Removing Window Film Damage My Glass?

When proper removal techniques and procedures are followed, removing window film will not damage your window or leave any marks on the glass. That’s why it’s just as important to work with a professional for the removal as it is for installation.
If you have any questions about window film or need help removing old film from your windows, give us a call. Depending on the number and size of your windows, our experienced team can have the film removed and your glass looking as good as new in a day.