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Decorative Glass Finishes for Office Privacy

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From complete glass storefronts to conference room walls, commercial buildings are often full of glass. While glass excels at letting in lots of natural light, it doesn’t offer much in terms of privacy. Decorative glass finishes apply to flat glass surfaces to enhance privacy while still letting sunlight fill the room. 

Why Natural Light Matters 

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, natural light ranks as the most-wanted office perk alongside having a view. Natural light isn’t just something that’s highly desired by employees, either. Studies have shown that while artificial light can negatively affect an office environment, natural light through windows can improve employees’ mental health and productivity.

Strike the Perfect Balance

While you can always invest in window treatments to enhance privacy, decorative glass finishes do so without eradicating the natural light. Some decorative window tints are more opaque than others, so you can create the perfect balance between privacy and natural light. 

Looking for enhanced privacy and minimal reductions to natural light? Patterned decorative films with lighter opacities can add some privacy while maintaining as much natural light as possible. Need to increase privacy even further? A frosted film can greatly reduce visibility but it won’t let quite as much sunlight through as a more transparent tint. 

Where to Use Decorative Glass Finishes

Decorative window tints can be used practically anywhere there’s a flat glass surface. This means it’s not just ideal for windows or doors but can have many other applications as well. When used on these surfaces, you can boost the privacy of your space and let in sunlight at the same time.

  • Office Windows & Doors 
  • Conference Rooms
  • Cubicle Partitions 
  • Storefronts 
  • Storage Areas 
  • Bathroom Doors 

Don’t Sacrifice Natural Light for Privacy 

When you’re looking into privacy solutions for your office, it can be easy to go with the simplest solution. Installing shades, blinds, or curtains, will prevent people from seeing inside, but it also prevents sunlight from entering the window. Plus, some flat glass surfaces don’t allow for window treatments. 

With decorative window films, you don’t have to sacrifice natural light for privacy. You can still enjoy all the benefits of your windows without covering them up completely. Not only will your employees be happy, but they may even be more productive too! 

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