Decorative Window Film

decorative film in an office

Add Visual Interest

Transform plain glass surfaces in hotels, storefronts, offices, and other commercial spaces with decorative window film. This premium product enhances the aesthetics of your space by adding visual interest. General Solar offers decorative window film in a wide variety of textures, designs, colors, and opacities. Common applications include conference rooms, glass partitions, and interior entrances to office suites. It provides a frosted appearance similar to etched or sandblasted glass, but at a fraction of the cost. Logo options are also available to reinforce your brand throughout your space. This approach with decorative window film not only embellishes your space but also reinforces brand presence subtly yet effectively.

Increase Privacy

Blinds or drapes provide privacy, but they also block natural light. Conversely, frosted film offers enhanced seclusion and confidentiality without preventing natural light from passing through your windows. This minimizes the need for artificial lighting and brings a warm glow to your space. Additionally, it is an ideal solution for offices that want to foster an open-space feel while also supplying privacy when needed.

decorative privacy film on office doors

frosted glass shower enclosure

Residential Applications

While decorative window film is primarily used in commercial spaces, it is also popular in high-end homes. Potential applications include glass shower enclosures, bathroom windows, and glass-paned cabinetry. Installing a frosted film brings a sense of luxury to your home at a more affordable price than other decorative privacy solutions. Our extensive product offering allows you to customize your space with precisely the aesthetic you desire.

Decorative Effects

Hoping to enhance the aesthetics of your space? Decorative window films are a convenient, affordable alternative to etched glass. Our films are available in several textures, patterns, colors and finishes, presenting endless design possibilities. As needs or styles change, the films can easily be removed or replaced.

Fasara™ Glass Finishes
Crystal Glass Finishes

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The gallery below shows some of the decorative film installations we've done for our clients.

3M Fasara
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Decorative Films
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Decorative Films offers the largest selection of window films in a wide range of colors, textures, and opacities. Check out the official product catalog for more detailed information

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