Custom Films & Graphics

Tell Your Story with Custom Graphics Solutions

General Solar is your one-stop-shop for customized logos and film. Our graphics experts and installers work closely with our customers to develop custom graphics to help them achieve their design goals. Visually appealing and interesting custom film graphics and logos are excellent tools for promoting businesses and making them stand out from the competition. Draw attention to your business and attract new customers, all while publicizing your brand and educating the public about your products and services. A Logo or Custom Graphic printed or cut on one of our special-purpose films can enhance the visual impact to your customers!


Transform Glass Surfaces Into Advertisements

Transform any glass surface into an advertisement with durable film that’s custom-printed, or cut and installed for you. Add your personalized logo or product images to your storefront or office entry. Reflect your brand’s values with wall graphics in your building lobby, conference rooms, offices or reception area. Boost employee morale and promote teamwork with inspiring slogans on glass doors and walls. We can design any pattern, logo, or design and professionally install your customized look on glass and other surfaces. If you can dream it, we can print or cut it and place it on your glass


Let Your Walls Speak for You

Think of your walls as blank canvases waiting to convey your message and bring your vision to life. Design options are virtually limitless, and wall graphics can be applied to almost any smooth surface. Add your company slogan or mission statement to one area. Better yet, cover one or more walls with a vinyl wall wrap. Just imagine the impression you’ll make on your clients with an entire wall wrapped in a beautiful image of your city’s skyline or business headquarters, a bright and colorful version of your company logo, or images showing real people using your products or services.


Custom Graphics + Specialty-Purpose Films

To get the most from custom graphics, they can be printed or cut from a variety of specialty-purpose films that offer their own benefits. These include decorative films that are frosted or mimic the look of surfaces like stone or etched glass or films that enhance privacy at night. Decorative Films can also be combined with safety and security films that make it harder for intruders to penetrate windows and glass doors and prevent glass shards from scattering indoors if windows are broken. Advertise and Protect your business at the same time!


Leverage Our Team of Experts

Our team of Custom Film Installation experts love working with each customer to help them develop the ideal custom graphics solution for their goals and budget. Even if you’ve never used custom graphics or films before, don’t worry! We help customers choose the right film in order to design one-of-a-kind, eye-catching graphics that promote their businesses every day of the week. We look forward to helping you tell your brand’s unique story, too! If you can envision it we can put it on glass!

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