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COVID-19 Impacts Go Far Beyond Health Risks

In Safety & Security by David Brown

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Since the virus outbreak in the U.S., COVID-19 impacts have extended to many aspects of our lives. With so many things seemingly beyond our control, it’s hard to stay focused and even to feel secure. And it’s not just health concerns that weigh on our minds. We also must worry about issues like political divisiveness and heated protests, economic upheaval and the rise in unemployment, scarcity of food and supplies, and the threat of increased crime due to inmate releases. 

The media seems to raise new concerns each and every day, and tensions are running high. Right here on our doorsteps, there have been marches by nurses demanding better protective gear, as well as angry protests against Trump’s COVID-19 response. Just last week, protesters left stuffed body bags outside the Trump International Hotel here in D.C., showing their disapproval of President Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic.

Increased Crime Risk Due to COVID-19

Also here in the nation’s capital, some criminals and juvenile delinquents have been released from D.C. area prisons and halfway houses. This decision was made in an effort to protect their health. However, that also raises concerns from some about whether or not this will lead to an increase in crime.

It’s not all bad news though. There is also some promising news on how COVID-19 impacts on criminal activity. Many city police departments across the country are reporting a decrease in serious crimes like homicides and robberies. They believe it’s primarily because of stay-at-home orders. Burglaries are also expected to drop, because criminals like to attack homes when no one is there. Some experts, on the other hand, believe that vandalism is likely to rise. This is mainly because more young people have idle time.

Steps to Increase Security

While COVID-19 impacts all our lives, keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy should be top of mind for right now. But still, there are steps that we can also take to protect our homes, businesses, and families during these unsettling times for greater peace of mind.

Window film is an affordable solution. The film can protect homes, businesses, and government properties from vandalism, break-ins, collateral damage from protests or accidents, and much more. We’ll explore these benefits in more detail in our next blog.

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