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Comparing Etched Glass vs. Frosted Film

In Decorative Window Film by David Brown

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Etched glass was first created in the 1800s to add art to the surface of plain glass. Today it’s more popular than ever for both commercial and residential spaces, adding beauty and improving the aesthetics while also enhancing privacy.

There are several techniques for etching glass. These include acid etching and sandblasting. Both techniques are expensive because they require a skilled glass fabricator or glass artisan.

Frosted film is an excellent alternative to expensive etched glass yet achieves the same look. In fact, most people can’t tell the difference between quality decorative film and real etched glass.

Improve Privacy & Aesthetics with the High-End Look of Etched Glass

Frosted film provides the elevated look of expensive etched glass at a fraction of the cost. It transforms plain glass surfaces into architectural features that are visually interesting and eye-catching. At the same time, when strategically used throughout homes and buildings, it adds discreet privacy. In meeting rooms, for instance, a wide band at eye level discourages onlookers while the bottom and top of glass remain transparent. Popular commercial applications include storefronts, conference rooms, partitions, glass railings, and elevator doors. In homes, use frosted film on shower doors, windows, glass cabinet doors, skylights, exterior and interior doors, and virtually any place you have glass but want more privacy. It’s durable, lasts for years, and is backed by a lengthy warranty when professionally installed.

3 More Reasons to Choose Etched Glass

On the fence about whether frosted film is the right option for your requirements? Here are three more reasons to choose frosted film over etched glass.

1 – Works on Existing Glass

Glass craftsmen typically etch glass in fabrication shops right after it’s manufactured and before building installation. Consequently, adding etched glass to your home or office usually requires getting rid of your existing glass surfaces and replacing them with the new etched ones. As you can imagine, this is not only expensive because of the materials and labor involved, but is also time-consuming. Frosted film, on the other hand, can be installed on existing glass surfaces such as windows, doors, and glass walls. It installs quickly and easily with very little disruption to your home or business environment.

2 – Easy to Customize

Etched glass comes in limited patterns when bought off the shelf. Therefore, your options are few unless you can pay a glass artisan to create custom designs. Frosted film, on the other hand, can be laser cut into any design that you choose for virtually limitless options. Choose from different patterns, textures, and opacities, and then we can die cut the film to any shape you desire. Decorative film with die-cut designs or custom lettering can cover entire walls and surfaces. The film can also be cut into letters, logos, and other shapes to be used alone on clear glass surfaces for branding, signage, and other purposes.

3 – Removable & Changeable

Glass craftsmen etch glass by scratching the surface, either using sand and forced air or chemicals, among other techniques. Etching is very hard to reverse and typically can’t be removed without altering the look of the glass or damaging it. On the other hand, a professional can easily remove window film without any damage to glass surfaces whatsoever. This means it’s easy to swap out decorative film any time you want. Whether you want to change the look of your shower door or rebrand your storefront, replacing film is easy and affordable. Swap it out as often as you like.

Discover More Reasons to Choose Frosted Film Over Etched Glass

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