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DIY Window Film: Why It’s Not the Best Idea

In Window Film Installation by David Brown

More and more people are moving to the do-it-yourself philosophy in an effort to save a quick buck. While some DIY projects are worth the effort, window film installation is often best left to the professionals. Even though you may think DIY window film is a cheaper, faster way to get relief from the sun’s harsh light, it may cost …

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Window Film: What Does It Cost to Install and Why?

In Commercial Window Film, Decorative Window Film, Privacy Window Film, Products, Temperature Control, Window Film Installation by David Brown

What is the average price range for window film installation? Window film can be a very price efficient solution for many different residential or commercial issues that may arise. However, just how cost-effective it is may not be common knowledge to a lot of people. There are of course certain factors in play that will affect the price. The first …