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Climate Control Window Film: A Cost-Effective Solution for Controlling Energy Costs

In Temperature Controlby David Brown

With climate control window film, you can have more sway over your energy bills all year long, regardless of the temperature outdoors. This innovative type of window film provides a transparent layer of insulation to cut your cooling costs in the summer, and to help your home retain heat in the winter.  And if you’re wondering how much your windows …

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Window Film: What Does It Cost to Install and Why?

In Commercial Window Film, Decorative Window Film, Privacy Window Film, Products, Temperature Controlby David Brown

What is the average price range for window film installation? Window film can be a very price efficient solution for many different residential or commercial issues that may arise. However, just how cost-effective it is may not be common knowledge to a lot of people. There are of course certain factors in play that will affect the price. The first …