Bird Safety Window Film

The Beautiful & Dangerous Properties of Glass

Glass has been a prominent feature in architecture for over 3,000 years, and for a good reason. Many homes and buildings are filled with glass, not just because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but because glass opens up spaces, letting in natural light and views of the outside world.

However, there’s one big problem with having a lot of glass windows: bird strikes. Because glass reflects the sky and the trees, birds can’t recognize the glass and often fly straight into it. Nearly one billion birds die in the United States alone from window collisions each year. SOLYX® Bird Safety Window Films help protect the avian population by preventing bird strikes and, as a result, damage to your building.


Bird Safety Window Film General Solar Company

How Bird Safety Film Works

The American Bird Conservancy recommends the use of patterns as an effective method for disrupting reflections and reducing avian collisions. That’s why SOLYX® Bird Safety Window Films are designed with subtle patterns, making it easier for birds to recognize windows. By making glass more apparent, bird deterrent window film prevents avian strikes with glass, resulting in less injury and death. 

Portland Audubon and the City’s Bureau of Environmental Services released a report showing a 94% reduction in avian strikes after bird safety film was applied at a city building. By applying more bird safety film to buildings, we can do our part to mitigate the effects on the avian population and increase conservation efforts.

Save Birds while Enhancing Aesthetics

SOLYX® Bird Safety Window Films come in a variety of subtle patterns that break up window reflections and enhance the aesthetics of your building: 

  • Horizontal lines
  • Vertical lines 
  • Dots 
  • Birds
  • Trellis 

Bird Safety Window Film General Solar Company

Safeguard Against Property Damage

Glass is fragile. And although windows are designed to withstand the seasons, weather, and wear-and-tear, they don’t have the strength to endure constant bird strikes. If avian collisions are a frequent issue, they could potentially cause damage to your building, leaving you with costly repair bills. Bird safety window film is a worthwhile investment that prevents avian collisions and goes a long way toward protecting your building as well.

Protect the Avian Population & Prevent Damage with Bird Safety Film

With SOLYX® Bird Safety Window Films, you can do your part to help reduce bird strikes and protect your building from damage at the same time. With several subtle patterns available, we can help you find the perfect option for your space. For more information on bird safety film and to find the best solution for you, contact the experts at General Solar for a free consultation.

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