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3 Ways Window Films Can Improve Security in Schools

In School Safety, Privacy Window Film, Safety & Security by David Brown

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Security in schools is a major concern that’s on many Americans’ minds right now, especially in light of recent tragic events in the news. There are many actions that can be taken to improve security in schools, some that you may have considered and some that probably never crossed your mind. Did you know, for example, that applying window film to existing windows is an affordable way to improve security in schools?

1) Privacy Window Film Makes It Harder or Impossible to See into Classrooms

Privacy window films come in a variety of finishes with varying levels of opacity. Applying these films to existing classroom windows can make it difficult or impossible for a potential intruder to see into a classroom or other areas of a school building. The film not only prevents those outside the school from seeing inside, but also serves as a deterrent by making it harder for outsiders to gauge routines inside the building as well as the layout of classrooms and other school areas. Potential intruders will no longer be able to identify vulnerable points or locate entrances or exits by looking through windows.

2) Safety and Security Window Film Makes it Harder to Enter Schools

Safety and security window films are designed to hold glass intact. Because of this, if an intruder tries to enter a window treated with film, they’ll find it difficult to break the glass. It will also take them longer to get through the window because the glass won’t just shatter like an untreated window would. This can buy teachers and students precious time to get out of harm’s way.

3) Window Films Protect Students and Teachers from Shattered Glass

In the case of an attack which involves breaking windows, such as a bomb attack, safety and security window film helps to hold glass intact and can therefore prevent injuries caused by broken or flying glass shards.

In addition to improving security, window film can be aesthetically attractive and less obtrusive than other security alternatives, such as adding bars to windows.

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