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3 Key Benefits of Glare Reduction Window Film

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In this video, learn how glare reduction window film works and 3 of its key benefits.

Car windows might come to mind when you think of glare reduction window film, but glare reduction window film can have many benefits when installed professionally on windows in both homes and offices. We’ll cover some of these benefits, but first, let’s talk about what glare is and what causes it.

What Is Glare and What Causes It?

Glare is the discomfort and difficulty that people have seeing when excessive bright light is directed or reflected in their eyes. It can be caused by both natural sunlight and artificial lights, like headlights, for example.

Glare may not seem like a big deal, but it can be annoying, temporarily disabling, and even dangerous. It can impact our daily lives in the car, at home and work, and it can even affect productivity.

If you’ve ever had trouble viewing your smartphone or TV when bright sun was shining through a window, you understand the effect glare can have and how irritating it can be.

How Does Glare-Reduction Window Film Work?

3M™ Window Films have anti-glare properties that significantly reduce excessive glare, while still letting in plenty of natural light. The 3M™ Prestige Series Films, for example, are constructed of hundreds of layers of very tiny films so they can precisely control light by reflecting certain wavelengths, while letting others pass through. This film is so smart that it actually increases its performance at a faster rate as the sun’s angle increases, offering more protection when the sun is high and at its hottest.

3 Key Benefits of Glare Reduction Window Film

Better Views – Window film reduces glare so you can see out of your windows better. And don’t worry, the film doesn’t distort your view. In fact, 3M™ Window Films do just the opposite. They reduce excessive light so you can see outside with amazing clarity.

Increased Comfort – It’s uncomfortable to do anything when light is shining in your eyes, especially for any length of time. Prolonged exposure to glare not only causes eye strain but can even lead to headaches. Window film can make areas at home and work that get a lot of sunlight more comfortable and easier on your eyes.

Improved Productivity – By controlling excessive light, 3M™ Window Films let you easily see the screens you must use in your daily life, whether you’re at home working on your laptop or in the office reading an email on your smartphone. You don’t have to worry about moving away from windows or interrupting what you’re doing to open or close blinds or pull curtains. The 3M™ Prestige Series Films adjust as the light changes.

Want to Learn More about Glare Reduction Window Film?

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